Ep 2: Summer Week 11, 2017

Yes! Yes! We are back for episode two in which we discuss the box office potential of new releases Annabelle: Creation, The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature, and Glass Castle: This Movie Doesn’t Have a Subtitle. We also delve into Mr. Dave’s fear of dolls, roast FML Insider Todd M. Thatcher, discuss how to discuss movies, and touch on some recent happenings in the FML Chatter. We also own up to completely dropping the ball on Kidnap last week… well, most of us do. Thanks for giving us a listen… we hope you’ll subscribe to our pod on iTunes and maybe even leave us a nice review.

Ep 1: Summer Week 10, 2017

The inaugural episode of FML My Life kicks off Week 10 of Fantasy Movie League with a look at the week’s new movies: The Dark Tower, Detroit, Kidnap, and An Inconvenient Sequel. #StephenKingifyAClassicRockSong becomes a thing and a Colonel Sanders draft is held… for some reason. That, and much more!

Pros & Cons: Spider-Man: Homecoming

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING PROS: Has more legs than other summer blockbusters Keaton used to playing birdman Comic book fans who are unhappy with casting choices and/or plot lines will all still buy Thursday night preview tickets and will see it again on Saturday Peter’s love of Mary Jane now legal in Colorado, California, and a handful…