Meet the Hosts

Alec Blome
FML: FML My Life
Twitter: @alecblome

The man behind the Pause ‘n Play podcast would like you to know he has a dog named Special Agent Dog Cooper.

First FML Season: Summer 2015
Highest FML Rank: 35th
Favorite Movie: The Big Lebowski
Least Favorite Movie: The Little Lebowksi
Least Fave Dave: Alec Baldwin



Image result for jude law holidayDavid Hammock
FML: No Plex Zone
Twitter: @David_Hammock

A sports/cats/pop culture enthusiast from the ATL. Catch his weekly posts (Pros & Cons and the FMLexicon) on the FML Chatter.

First FML Season: Fall 2015
Highest FML Rank: 71st
Favorite Movie: Rushmore
Least Fave Dave: David Greene
Guilty Pleasures: Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Ke$ha



Image result for contagion jude lawDavid Ilgen
FML: MisterDave
Twitter: @Misterxdave

This is the Dave responsible for the Is Pizza A Sandwich thread. Judge him accordingly.

First FML Season: Fall 2015
Highest FML Rank: 36th
Favorite Movie: The Devil Wears Prada
Least Fave Dave: Angry Geek
Fun Fact: Secretly loves it when you pronounce his last name with a “hard G”




Image result for jude law alfieDavid Rodriguez
FML: Angry Geek
Twitter: @AngryGeekDRod

A Chicago boy, theater dude and co-host of the “Angry Geeks VS” podcast. Catch him on the chatter with his two weekly posts: Monday Angry Movie Reviews and the Friday Angry Survey.

First FML Season: End of Summer 2015
Highest FML Rank: 5th
Favorite Movies: The Crow, The Godfather
Least Fave Dave: Mister
Favorite Kind of Movie League: Fantasy